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Voice of Electronic Music #8 - Ryan Michael Robbins - (Dark Star Audio - Fierce Animals)

December 31st, 2018

This week's podcast featuring Ryan Michael Robbins! We talk about how we met, and what he's been up to with his Techno music and working at Dark Star Audio (mastering) and Fierce Animals Records.

Some particularly interesting topics:
- @15:00 What you should do when submitting demos to labels
- @19:30 Artist development
- @28:00 10,000 rule to becoming a pro
- @39:00 The hundreds of sub-genres within Electronic Music
- @46:30 Making songs with foley samples
- @58:00 The origin of Jingletown, Oakland
- @1:03:00 Making a living with sites like AudioJungle
- @1:06:00 Blockchain and crypto-currency
- @1:17:00 Pressing music to vinyl and the future of vinyl in electronic music

Ryan Michael Robbins social:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ryanmichaelrobbins
Dark Star Audio (mastering) : http://darkstaraudio.com/mastering/
Fierce Animals Records: https://fierceanimals.com/

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