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Voice of Electronic Music #21 - Vitamindevo (Laser Native)

May 15th, 2019

Devo is a music producer, DJ, and label co-owner of Laser Native, a San Francisco based electronic music record label. He's got an extensive history of playing in and around San Francisco, throwing his own parties at venues like The Midway, and releasing music from artists around the globe.

@3:00 creating the logo for Laser Native
@6:00 the early days of Propellerhead's Reason and using it in your productions today
@13:00 focal points in music and not over-crowding your musical compositions
@30:00 getting inspiration from music festivals and putting it to use in the studio
@48:00 looking beyond the most obvious music and finding the underground scene
@1:03:00 DJ mixes on Spotify - (Soundcloud vs Spotify)
@1:24:00 imagining where your music will be played before you make it

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